A short introduction

Webatom core activity is delivering innovative web applications.  Using the latest technologies and standards used in development we manage to keep our applications affordable and delivered on-time.


SportsAccounting.com is a web application which helps you manage the financial side a sport event. Sports secretaries using typical accounting programs often find these to be insufficient and a lot of mistakes are made because these programs are not setup to do accounting for sports.

Visit sportsaccounting.com for more information.

Social Timing Platform

Social Timing Platform for speed skating tracks is a new project by WebAtom bringing a new social dimension to speed skating on speed skating tracks. By extending the competition on the tracks to the social networks, the increase in interaction results in more visitors to the speed skating track. Recreational skaters will be incited to improve on their results and beginners will discover the joy of setting personal records that they can share on Facebook.

Visit socialtiming.net for more information.